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March... good news or bad?

I'm tired; I did Open Evenings for school on Wednesday and Thursday nights this week, so didn't go home from 7.45am till 9.15pm two days running. I did have fun both days, as there was the trip into town on Wednesday, and eating over at the sports centre on Thursday, but it was a little draining. Then last night I made the appalling misjudgement of watching 3 episodes of Green Wing (series 2, the DVD got here on Thursday), and didn't go to bed until after midnight. When you're as sleep-deprived as I am this week, that's a bad idea.

Tonight I decided to book tickets for My Chemical Romance at Wembley Arena next March, which may also have been an oversight, as now I have to find two people to go with me. Thinking about how much of a challenge it was to find someone last November, this may be a bridge too far. So anyone who's prepared to come with me, please please do, because I want to go so much it's scary.

My stomach also hurts this evening, and I still have my cold. Grr.
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